CBDHempSource is an information and review site that provides comprehensive information about CBD use for medical purposes. At CBDHempSource, we provide detailed CBD brand reviews for you to choose from the most reputable CBD manufacturers and benefit from hemp products’ health properties to the fullest. We use a stack of technologies to separate the wheat from the chaff and help you select your best CBD product with the utmost efficiency.

Who We Are

We are a team of professional medical specialists, writers, journalists, and IT experts who aim at delivering the most reliable information about CBD in an easily consumable form. Professionalism is what distinguishes us from our competitors. Our main contributors are medical examiners and experienced writers who tirelessly evaluate the current CBD market. Our medical experts’ superlative expertise, combined with our writers’ impeccable style, allows us to deliver up-to-date and scientifically accurate CBD reviews and helpful guides.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help you eliminate stress and improve your quality of life with CBD – a powerful natural remedy for chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, and plenty of other conditions. We believe in nature’s power and strive to help people select the best CBD products to achieve harmony in their lives. For this, we:

Examine and Evaluate CBD Brands

We evaluate current CBD brands on the market to select reliable, certified, and lab-tested manufacturers. We examine plenty of aspects, from pricing policies and web reputation to hemp production technologies and third-party tests. This approach helps us compile the rankings of the most trustworthy and high-quality CBD companies.

Write Helpful Guides on CBD Usage

If you have no idea what CBD is, what conditions it treats, and what dosage to take, don’t worry. We know it all and will share the most comprehensive info about CBD usage with you. We provide information on the most popular CBD products, CBD dosing, benefits, side effects, etc.

Medical Disclaimer

Ninety-nine percent of CBD products have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration yet. Currently, it approved Epidiolex, which is the only prescription CBD drug used to treat severe forms of epilepsy. The FDA has not evaluated the rest of the products. The content you see on this platform is for informational purposes, and you should not interpret it as direct advice to use CBD products as a replacement for prescription drugs. Before buying and using any CBD products, please consult your practitioner.

How We Review

We apply the following approaches that help us do our job best:

1. Medical Research-Based Content

There are plenty of false claims about CBD’s properties on the internet. We understand it and strive to provide only unbreakable facts, concrete evidence, and the most accurate statistics. For this, we deliver content based on medical research, official statistics, scientific articles, and medical literature.

We always refer to medical literature, so you can follow the links to medical research in our articles and reviews.

2. Fact-Checking

We aim at delivering only relevant and 100% accurate content. That is why we have a team of medical experts. They review each article to ensure it is 100% scientifically accurate, contains links to relevant and trustworthy resources, and includes the latest statistical data.

3. Brand Reputation Overview

Customer feedback is crucial for our CBD brand evaluation process. Thus, we collect data on the efficiency and side effects of the evaluated CBD brand’s products. We also use data collection software to process a large number of reviews and deliver unbiased conclusions. Thus, a brand reputation is an important indicator we use to compile our rankings.

4. Examination of CBD Production

High-quality CBD products are manufactured thanks to impeccable manufacturing technologies and premium quality hemp. That is why we get insights into each brand’s CBD production process directly. What is more, we check the hemp origin, its cultivation conditions, and compliance with hemp production and processing standards.

5. Evaluation of Legal Aspects

We always check how CBD brands comply with trade legislation and hemp quality standards applied in their jurisdiction. We check whether a CBD brand is certified and what laboratory testing it undergoes.

Meet the Team

Medical Team:

Karl Jacobs

Dr. Karl Jacobs is a psychiatrist with over 26 years of experience. Currently, Dr. Jacobs works as a contributor to CBDHempSource.

Upon graduation from the University of California Santa Cruz, Karl began his career as a Navy general medical officer. Later, he devoted himself to psychiatry.

He was selected a Chief Resident at the Naval Medical Center San Diego. Afterward, Karl continued research activities at the Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis and the Southern California Society for Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy. Karl Jacobs has always been passionate about the connection between the body and the mind. He is firmly convinced that true health comes from both mental and physical wellbeing.

Karl’s contribution to psychiatry is recognized and honored in the US. Thus, he is a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. In 1994, he obtained an unrestricted California medical license.

Simon J. Brown

Simon J. Brown is a medical researcher and professor at Columbia University with over 20 years of experience. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and began his postdoctoral research at Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC).

Simon J. Brown focuses on cellular mechanisms that trigger human diseases. Currently, he explores the three-dimensional molecular structures and how they affect the way a molecule works. Dr. Brown works on determining the connection between molecular structure failure and human disease development. Currently, Simon J. Brown works as a medical consultant at CBDHempSource, sharing his experience and creating content for our review site.

Glenn K. Bauman

Dr. Baumann is a professor at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry and radiation oncologist with over 20 years of experience. He specializes in the central nervous system and genitourinary cancer.

Glenn K. Bauman graduated from the University of Western Ontario and completed his radiation oncology clinical fellowship at the University of California at San Francisco.

Aside from his medical practice, Dr. Baumann conducts postdoctoral research on radiotherapy efficiency for tumor suppression and cancer imaging. Currently, Dr. Baumann contributes to CBDHempSource as a medical consultant and quality assessment specialist.

Writers Team:

Emma Richards

Emma Richards is a content writer and proofreader at CBDHempSource. She got a degree in Pharmacology at the University of Michigan. Emma has always been interested in how painkiller medication works in our bodies and what processes pain regulation involves. Diagnosed with fibromyalgia, Emma channels all her efforts to helping other people with chronic pain live a normal life.

Before becoming a writer at CBDHempSource, Emma had five years of experience in medical writing. She is also responsible for the content quality as a part of our editorial team. Emma is committed to helping our customers benefit from the best CBD products currently available on the market.

Kimberly Lewis

Kimberly Lewis is a CBD journalist at CBDHempSource with nine years of experience. Kimberly Lewis got a degree in journalism at New York University. After graduation, Kimberly moved to Oakland, where she applied for a local magazine journalist position.

Later, Kimberly wrote health and nutrition-related articles for Naked Food. Natural remedies are Kimberly’s passion, and she has always been interested in herbal extracts. Kimberly’s vast journalism experience and love for healthy nutrition and lifestyle made her a valuable asset to our team. Currently, she works at CBDHempSource as a full-time CBD journalist, sharing the latest CBD news and researching CBD brands.