charlottes web CBD

Charlotte’s Web CBD is a Colorado-based cannabidiol company. They work exclusively with the famous strain of hemp – Charlotte’s Web and make high-quality products for everyday and clinical purposes. 
CW CBD products are available in over 2500 stores in the United States.  What follows is Charlotte’s Web CBD review, covering gummies, oils, capsules, isolates, and creams.

The Charlotte’s Web CBD Story

In 2006 a young girl was born named Charlotte Figi. When she was three months old, she suffered her first seizure. Charlotte was suffering from Dravet’s Syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy that is incredibly debilitating and serious. Charlotte was a wheelchair user and suffered around 300 seizures every week.

Charlotte’s mother, Paige, researched alternative treatments and came across CBD. Young Charlotte began taking an extract from a strain of marijuana known as “Hippie’s Disappointment” due to it being a low strength THC strain.

The CW CBD oil significantly reduced the number of seizures Charlotte had, from 300 per week to twice or three times a month. This success was revolutionary and received a lot of media attention through news outlets and documentary footage.

“Hippie’s Disappointment” became known as Charlotte’s Web in recognition of the brave little girl. Unfortunately, Charlotte Figi died in April 2020, though her memory lives on, and her story has given hope to many unwell people and their loved ones around the world.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Summary


  • A strong brand with a fascinating back-story
  • Plenty of products that cover a range of illnesses and wellness requirements
  • Strong links with the arts and a sense of corporate social responsibility permeate the company.
  • Available in thousands of stores around the US; proof of quality and respectability


  • There are very few drawbacks to Charlotte’s Web. That’s not to say they don’t exist. They’re just relatively minor in comparison to their overwhelming strengths.
  • You can’t ship outside the US. That’s probably the only drawback; sorry, Europe!

Top 5 Best Products from Charlotte’s Web CBD

Charlotte’s Web Hemp Infused Gummies

charlotte's web cbd gummies review

Charlotte’s Web sells three forms of CBD gummies, each with a unique formula for specific ailments or concerns. There are Calm gummies, Sleep gummies, and Recovery gummies. Charlotte’s Web recommends taking two per day, as needed. 


Recovery gummies have a  CBD, ginger, and curcuminoids infusion. That last one derives from turmeric. Ginger has shown itself useful in reducing muscle pain and as an anti-inflammatory. Turmeric is an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory too. Some tout it as a means of improving symptoms associated with depression and arthritis.


Alongside 10mg of CBD is 3mg of melatonin – a natural hormone associated with our bodies natural cycle as we enter night time. The science goes that increasing the level of melatonin will encourage our internal rhythms towards sleep.


These CBD gummies are excellent for stressful situations. Everyday stress is a terrible thing, but these relaxing gummies contain several ingredients to soothe your soul; lemon balm and whole-plant extract CBD. They’re available in three different sizes – 30, 60, or 90 gummies. Each gummy holds 10mg of CBD and 75mg of lemon balm.

Extract TypeWhole-plant extract
CBD Range10mg
Price Range$29.99-$56.99


  1. Three different formulas designed for specific needs
  2. Well-chosen and complementary additional herbs and compounds
  3. Contains top-quality proprietary hemp genetics – lots of terpenes in every gummy for an entourage boosting effect
  4. Gluten-free!


  • Easy to take, no preparation needed. Take a gummy whenever necessary.
  • The additional herbs and compounds are highly complementary and add a subtle olfactory touch.
  • Subscribe and save 10% on the product over time
  • Lots of relaxation, without any drowsiness


  • Slightly lower CBD content than other products
  • Not vegan, but they are gluten-free.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

charlotte’s web full strength cbd oil

Charlotte Web CBD Oil is a full-spectrum extract that provides a range of phytocompounds for extra-wellness. 

CW stock a large selection. Varying in potency and offering certain types of tinctures suited to the morning or the evening. They achieve this mix by adding various essential oils. Charlotte’s Web hemp oil goes great with your morning coffee and is excellent at promoting a good night’s sleep.

Extract TypeFull-spectrum
CBD Range7mg-60mg
Price Range$24.99-$191.96


  1. Available in a range of sizes and strengths
  2. Specially formulated compounds for specific purposes
  3. Smaller sampler sized bottles are available.
  4. Full-spectrum extracts ensure you reap all the benefits of CBD and its cousins.


  • Works quickly through sublingual absorption
  • Offers a way to control your dose, take more or fewer drops depending on how you feel
  • Goes well with cooking and adding to drinks – make your own CBD smoothies
  • It has a lot of phytocompounds like terpenes; this activates the entourage effect.


  • Expensive compared with other brands.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Liquid Capsules

charlottes web capsules

These CBD liquid capsules are the perfect way of introducing CBD into your vitamin routine. Much like gummies, they’re set in dosage, meaning you won’t have to worry about dropping too much into your water, like with a tincture.

They’re available in two dose sizes, 15mg, and 25mg. Capsules are easy to transport and less likely to cause a fuss at customs if you’re traveling.  Moreover, these capsules are vegan, gluten-free, kosher, and allergen-free.

Extract TypeFull-spectrum
CBD Range15mg-25mg
Price Range$25.99-$59.99


  1. Derived from USA grown hemp, you know exactly what you’re getting with the capsules.
  2. Vegan and suitable for those who keep kosher
  3. Promotes recovery from exercise-induced muscle inflammation – perfect for taking to the gym


  • Full of fatty acids, terpenes, and much more, thanks to the full-spectrum extract
  • The only additional ingredient is extra virgin olive oil. It’s just that and hemp.
  • Comfortable serving size, no need to think about preparation or dosage, just pop it in your mouth


  • Requires consistent dosage to reap the benefits
  • Slower acting than tinctures

Charlotte’s Web CBD Isolates

charlotte's web cbd isolates

CBD isolates are a curious product. CW makes an isolate with 20mg of CBD per 1ml. It is unflavoured and has a dropper mechanism. There is no oil, no medium, just CBD. The THC that is naturally present in all hemp is low. No more than 13 parts per million particles; this has been proven with liquid chromatography, so you can feel secure in taking it without any legal risks.

Extract TypeFull-spectrum
CBD Range600mg
Price Range$69.99
Potency20mg per ml


  1. Certified by the US Hemp Authority; no risks about the source or content of the hemp used in the production of this product.
  2. Unflavored; feel free to use it as a base for your own CBD creations.
  3. Extracted through a process which is exclusive and proprietary


  • Unflavored CBD is great for using in cooking and making snacks or drinks.
  • High strength and certified low THC content
  • Good for muscle relaxation and stress relief


  • Not for everyone, slightly complicated and lacks the ‘fun’ of gummies or the convenience of capsules.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Cream

charlotte's web cbd cream review

Topical creams are fantastic for treating localized injuries or strains. Try applying it to your forehead during a headache or a specifically crampy muscle, and see what happens. Charlotte’s Web CBD Cream uses a botanical formula developed by scientists to deliver a moisturizing and relaxing experience. 

One tube, sized at 2.5oz, contains 750mg of CBD. A 1oz tube contains 300mg of CBD. The problem with cream is that you feel like you’re always wasting a bit that’s inside the tube.

This cream is free from significant types of allergens. There are no parabens or PEGS, synthetics, or artificial additives. Essentially it is excellent for those with sensitive skin. Not only that, but it is vegan and cruelty-free.

Extract TypeFull-spectrum
CBD Range300mg-750mg
Price Range$19.99
PotencyDepends on the amount used


  1. Made with unusual ingredients in a sustainable way
  2. Moisturizes and relaxes
  3. Works effectively and quickly, with no staining should you get some on your clothes


  • Suitable for sensitive skin thanks to the CW botanicals formulation
  • Made in a vegan and cruelty-free way
  • Directly target what is ailing you through dermal absorption.


  • Easy to use too much and run out quickly

Charlotte’s Web CBD oil for Dogs

charlotte's web cbd oil for dogs

Dogs can also benefit from CBD. It may sound strange, but you won’t be getting your pooch high if that’s what you’re thinking. These CBD tinctures contain a full-spectrum extract, just like the human variant, and come in unflavored and chicken-flavored.

Just like humans, dogs have an endocannabinoid system. CBD can help dogs who suffer from joint pain, as well as anxiety – yes, dogs get that too. 

CW recently modified their bottle. By listening to customer input, they developed a plastic graduated dropper, making it easier to dose your pup.

The CBD floats in an MCT medium, which is safe and also used in human-aimed CBD products.

Extract TypeFull-spectrum
CBD Range17mg per dose
Price Range$59.99-$149.99


  1. Made using the same high-quality hemp and extraction process as human products
  2. Suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes
  3. Comes in chicken flavor or unflavored


  • Now has a pump system, which makes it easier to serve your furry friend.
  • Promotes healthy joints and calmness in dogs
  • Uses a safe MCT medium to carry the CBD ingredients 


  • Not suitable for cats
  • Expensive, but they are our best friends.

Benefits of Charlotte’s Web CBD

Charlotte’s Web CBD has many benefits over competitors. Given their origins and ties to Colorado and the Stanley Brothers – a famed duo in the hemp scene – Charlotte’s Web CBD offers quality CBD with a proud lineage. You can be sure that you’re buying CBD from a reputable buyer.

CW also uses a proprietary extraction technique on the industrial hemp, with expert third-party testing to back up their claims using liquid chromatography screening.

  • CW uses a strain of hemp that is naturally low in THC, so much so that it had the name “Hippie’s Disappointment” until the medical benefits emerged.
  • Charlotte’s Web tinctures contain thoroughly researched botanicals which complement the soothing and relaxing effects of CBD.
  • Charlotte’s Web offers an isolated form of CBD, suitable for concocting your own personalized CBD products, such as vape oils and body balms.

CW Hemp Oil Reviewed: What Can It Help With? 

Charlotte’s Web helps with many different ailments. Many people who take CBD oil have trouble with generalized pain, stress, depression, anxiety, or poor sleep.

Different formulations on the CW website offer other solutions. They also have a quiz which can help you to understand which method of delivery is right for you. The topical creams are amazing at localized action, and even your doggo can join in with their chews. The dog chews are great for moving stress or nights with fireworks.

Where to Buy Charlotte’s Web CBD Products

Charlotte’s Web sells its products online via its website. Other suppliers also stock their items online, but there is nothing like buying directly from a manufacturer. They don’t have to extract any more profit, as they’ve made the item themselves. However, third-party vendors may still have some deals available for the keen-eyed shopper.

In addition to online sales, CW products are available in many health and well-being stores across the United States.

Online options include:

  • Directly from the “Charlotte’s Web” website, you won’t be able to touch or smell the products, but online often presents cheaper deals.
  • Other CBD retailers or superstores may stock Charlotte’s Web, though you cannot guarantee it is the lowest price around.

Real-world options include:

  • Health and well-being stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Medical marijuana stores (if legal in your state)

Shopping in a brick and mortar store allows you to get a physical sense of each product, and there are often informed members of staff who can aid you in your purchase.

How to Buy Charlotte’s Web CBD Products

When purchasing CBD, consult your physician or pharmacist to see if you have any potential interaction problems. While most people are completely fine taking, it doesn’t hurt to check first.

Next, you should consider whether you plan to consume CBD consistently or on an “as and when” basis. Topical balms are suitable for applying when needed, although topicals also work for longer-term pains. The CBD gummies and capsules complement an existing – or burgeoning – vitamin regime.

CBD is a safe and legal compound. Research has shown that the compound can provide many benefits without the risk of addiction or any of the intense psychoactive effects of traditional marijuana. 

Anecdotal evidence is incredibly strong, and intensive research from universities is starting to show some promising results.

Brand reputation 

Charlotte’s Web has a fantastic reputation. The brand has long been involved in producing quality products and has a range of sister companies which work on high-level research in the medical field. CW Charlotte’s Web is known globally.


Charlotte’s Web has a range of potencies, suitable for those just getting started or those with serious needs. They are also part of a broader reaching CBD company that stocks clinical products and is involved in FDA-approved medicines.

Method of extraction

The full-spectrum extract is the gold standard, and CW also has access to proprietary extracting techniques that comes from their long lineage in the cannabis industry.

Hemp source

US Hemp Approved and grown in the USA. Colorado produces some of the finest hemps in the land, and it is right on CW’s doorstep. CW hemp is of high quality and trustworthy. One could write an entire CW hemp review; their process is that stringently fascinating.

3rd party lab tests

Test results are available on their website, and they use liquid chromatography to ensure THC levels are as low as they say they are on the label.

Final thoughts

Charlotte’s Web is a highly active and successful brand. They produce an excellent range of CBD products, treating everyone regardless of their issues. They also promote whole-body wellness through their blog and artistic endeavors – they made a vast crop circle mural in Kansas, for example.


Is Charlotte’s Web CBD legit?

Charlotte’s Web is indeed legit; they’re related to a company with expertise in clinical as well as personal treatments. The FDA approves its clinical arm for its CBD product.

Does Charlotte’s Web get you high?

Not at all, the Stanley Brothers, a pair of famous Colorado growers, have committed to making sure the THC in the strain never exceeds 0.3%; the strain was formerly known as “Hippe’s Disappointment” due to the lack of a high.

Does Charlotte’s Web help with sleep?

Yes. Especially the Sleep formulations, which contain melatonin – a naturally occurring sleep-related hormone.