where to buy cbd oil

Due to the therapeutic properties promoted by CBD, it makes sense to add CBD products to your everyday routine.

It seems like everybody is talking about CBD these days, and it’s not surprising why CBD products are in high demand. Cannabinoid heals the mind and body as if it’s the best doctor ever. It became easier to struggle with chronic pains and mental issues with a CBD product on your shelf. Besides, it’s an effective natural remedy for reducing cancer, epilepsy, and diabetes symptoms. But if you’re only starting to explore the market, it may be a tricky path to find a high-quality hemp-extracted product.

Where to buy CBD oil near me? This question disturbs most newbies, but you can relax because this guide will lead you to the final point of your search, and you’ll buy the best hemp-derived product. So, don’t waste any moment and read up our article to find top-notch “CBD oil near me.”

According to Farm Bill, it’s permitted to manufacture and use CBD products that contain a low amount of THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol is the element that causes euphoria and hallucinogenic effects. But a small dosage is safe for our health, so the exact amount of THC in hemp-extracted products you can find in the market isn’t larger than 0.3%. Many manufacturers sell CBD products that don’t contain THC at all, which is great news for those striving to avoid this element. Today, producing, distributing, and buying cannabinoid products is possible in almost all 50 US states.

But even though federal law allows manufacturing, selling, and purchasing CBD products, you should learn whether there are some regulations in your state. In some states, people can buy cannabinoid products only if they have specific health conditions. Besides, they should have a special card or doctor’s prescription to get hemp-extracted products. But the main messages of federal regulations are the following:

  • Buying CBD is permitted in the territory of 50 US states.
  • The amount of THC should be limited to 0.3%.
  • Marijuana-extracted products with a large dosage of THC can be bought legally only by members of the Medical Marijuana Program.

Top 3 CBD Brands You Can Buy From Online

As the CBD industry offers you a vast assortment of hemp-extracted products, you can experiment and try oils, capsules, cigarettes, gels, etc. But finding a product that would be the most efficient choice for you isn’t your main purpose. You should focus on searching for “the best CBD products near me” because the CBD market is a sweet spot for fraudsters and unreliable brands.

We explored the market and found manufacturers that offer you to experience the real therapeutic power of CBD. These top brands are well-known for product quality and proper manufacturing values:

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web manufactures products from carefully grown hemp plants. The brand experts pick materials of the highest quality, which means that only the best flowers and stems are chosen for CBD extraction. Soils from the fields where hemp is grown are checked for heavy metals and chemical compounds. Besides, Charlotte’s Web tests plants as they’re growing and checks final products in third-party laboratories. You can find test results on the brand’s official website.

Charlotte’s Web has a wide assortment of CBD products, including oils, capsules, gummies, topicals, and the line for dogs. Those striving to experiment can benefit from buying oils with natural, mint-chocolate, olive, lemon, and orange blossom flavors. If you’re only starting CBD treatment, you’ll find products with low potencies on Charlotte’s Web site. You can buy oil that contains 7 or 17 mg of CBD per 1 ml. If you’re eager to buy something stronger, Charlotte’s Web offers oils that contain 50 mg and 60 mg of CBD per 1 ml.

When searching for the place to “buy CBD near me,” consider that Charlotte’s Web has amazing features that can leave many competitors behind:

  1. You can easily buy any product from the brand’s assortment online.
  2. Charlotte’s Web provides lab reports that prove product quality and effectiveness.
  3. A wide range of products and flavors.

However, buying CBD oil products is a serious step, and you should learn more details about Charlotte’s Web:


  • All products are made of all-natural materials.
  • The final product is checked for purity, consistency, and quality at independent laboratories.
  • Charlotte’s Web examines soils from the fields where plants are grown.
  •  Products are free from chemicals.


  • Products with higher potencies are rather expensive.
  • Although the website is informative, it’s hard to navigate it.

It may take up to 5 days to process and ship the customer’s order.


FAB CBD is another reliable brand that offers pure, effective hemp-derived products. This brand has started its path in 2017. FAB CBD partners with credible Colorado farmers who provide them with high-quality hemp. When manufacturing products, FAB CBD uses the CO2 extraction method, which means that they get all beneficial molecules in the contests.

FAB CBD provides customers with a range of organic products made from the best weed. This brand has a variety of oils with different flavors and potencies, as well as topicals, green superfoods, gummies, and even dog treats. FAB CBD sells drops with citrus, berry, mint, vanilla, and natural flavors. The oil strength varies from 300 to 2400 mg. You can shop online if you want to “buy CBD oil near me,” and FAB CBD will ship your order as soon as possible.

FAB CBD has a few attractive features that are worth your attention:

  1. Hemp is grown by the best farmers in Colorado.
  2. Only natural ingredients are used, which is proved by lab reports.
  3. FAB CBD sells oils with strengths of 300 mg, 600 mg, 1200 mg, and 2400 mg.

Indeed, FAB CBD has many incredible advantages over competitors, but you should explore two sides of the same coin:


  • FAB CBD has a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Products don’t contain GMOs, pesticides, and heavy metals.
  • Hemp is carefully grown in the Colorado fields.
  • Every product is tested by specialists from third-party laboratories.


  • A limited assortment of some products. FAB CBD sells only one topical product and two types of green superfoods.
  • Expensive high-potency products.

 Although all products are lab tested, it’s hard to find the reports on the website.

Hemp Bombs CBD Oil

If you’ve been searching for cheap oil containing cannabinoids, welcome to Hemp Bombs. This brand sets reasonable prices so that everyone can afford high-quality drops. Besides, it’s another representative of the CBD industry that sells products based only on organic compounds. Their products are sold in 25.000 stores, so it’s not a problem to ‘find CBD oil for sale near me’. Moreover, you can purchase oils, topicals, gummies, vape pens, edibles, and treats for your pet on their website or from online distributors.

Hemp Bombs offers customers to enjoy different oil flavors that include natural hemp, chocolate mint, orange creamsicle, acai berry, watermelon, and peppermint. Beginners can enjoy 125 mg oils, and experienced users will benefit from purchasing 300 mg, 750 mg, 1500 mg, 3000 mg, and 5000 mg oils.

Hamp Bombs is the right answer to the question “Where to buy CBD near me?” due to its features:

  1.  A wide product assortment.
  2. Organic formula.
  3. Bundles at reasonable prices.

Check Hemp Bombs pros and cons to figure out whether this brand is the best choice for you:


  • Availability in 25.000 stores.
  • Zero chemical compounds.
  • Collaboration with independent laboratories to test their final products.


  • There’s not much information about the brand on their website.
  • Hemp Bombs offers only two types of CBD vapes, including 125 mg and 750 mg vapes.
  • Products with high strength are costly

What to Consider Before You Buy CBD Oil Online

 Since the market offers you a large number of different CBD products, you should be extremely careful, especially when buying them online. You can’t rely on the brand’s promises because too many aspects should be researched. We collected the main information  to help you figure out which product to choose:

Is it safe?

Even though many myths surround CBD, you can relax because cannabis-based products won’t harm you. In fact, hemp extract demonstrates powerful properties that help fight sleep disorders, regulate emotional balance, get rid of migraines, and struggle with severe diseases. The symptoms of Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, cancer, and epilepsy can be reduced with the help of CBD.

As we’ve mentioned earlier in this article, US laws allow manufacturing and selling products that contain a low amount of THC. The dosage of this element shouldn’t exceed 0.3 %. The truth is that such THC contents doesn’t bring you the feeling of getting high, so you can be sure that the product will promote only therapeutic effects. Namely, CBD products are widely available in almost all 50 US states.

Can you buy it from trustworthy sellers?

Buying a high-quality CBD product nearby is easy. Hemp-extracted products are sold at local drug stores, pharmacies, and online. By the way, the last variant is the most comfortable one as you can order cannabinoid products on the go or from home. Besides, it will be delivered directly to your door.

How to Buy Cheap CBD Oil Near Me

Finding reliable places to buy top-notch cannabinoid products may take some time. But if you consider the following details, you’ll improve your search:

1. Brand reputation

Most brands you’ll find on the Web will be new to you if you’re a starter. You should check the main information about the company. It includes the brand story, testimonials, and lab reports. After checking this information, visit the brand’s online store to look at the assortment and prices.

2. Potency

Brands offer products that contain different amounts of CBD, which means that higher dosage promotes a more powerful effect. It’s necessary to take into account the health conditions you’re planning to treat. You can even ask for advice from your doctor to pick the right strength.

3. Method of extraction

The extraction method influences the quality of the final product. Using a solvent is a cheaper and easier way to get hemp extract. It disappears at the final extraction stage so that a manufacturer can produce a product that contains pure CBD. However, this method is tricky because the solvent often isn’t fully removed, which may lead to cancer. CO2 extraction is a costly yet effective way to separate hemp extract from the plant. Reliable manufacturers prefer this method because it allows them to provide customers with safe, prime CBD products.

4. Hemp source

Plants absorb all elements found in soils, so manufacturers should make sure that farmers don’t use pesticides and other toxins. Hemp should be grown without the influence of different chemicals. Otherwise, CBD products won’t bring the desired effect, and their quality will drop.

5. Third party lab tests

Examining lab test reports is an important part of purchasing CBD products. You should make sure that the oil you’re going to buy doesn’t contain toxins and heavy metals. Besides, it’s necessary to check the amount of THC in a product.

6. THC level

As you’ve already learned from our article, the allowed dosage of THC is 0.3 %. Many brands sell products that don’t contain it, which is a perfect variant for customers. However, you should check whether THC doesn’t exceed the allowed limit.

7. Price

Picking a few brands and comparing prices is an effective way to save your budget. But you should remember that buying products on sale doesn’t mean getting high quality. If you find low prices, it makes sense to check the ingredients, lab reports, and testimonials to make sure the product is worth your attention and money.

Can You Buy CBD Locally From a Store?

The increasing popularity of CBD products makes the search process easy and comfortable. You can choose from a few variants to purchase hemp-extracted products. They include drug stores, pharmacies, dispensaries, online distributors, and official brands. Of course, you can buy CBD products locally if you find a reliable place, but online shopping is a more convenient option.

Final Thoughts

Now, you don’t have to worry about “Where to get CBD oil near me?” as you can pick the desired product online, and delivery won’t make you wait for too long. Since US laws allow selling and buying hemp products in almost all 50 states, you can even purchase CBD locally in a drug store. If you follow our recommendations and check brand reputation, lab reports, and extraction methods, you’ll definitely experience all CBD benefits.


Where can I buy CBD oil near me?

As CBD is popular nowadays, the chances are that you’ll quickly find a local store that sells hemp-extracted products. Yet, online shopping is an effective alternative to land-based shops, so you can pick any variant depending on your preferences.

Is hemp oil the same as CBD oil?

Hemp oil is made of seeds, which means that the product contains a low amount of CBD or doesn’t contain it at all, while CBD oil is extracted from hemp flowers, stems, and stalks rich in cannabinoid with its healing properties.

Does Walmart sell CBD oil?

You can buy only hemp oil at Walmart. This product differs from CBD oil with its properties and doesn’t bring such powerful therapeutic effects as cannabinoid, even despite its content that includes protein, vitamins, and fatty acids.