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There are roughly 70 cannabinoids to be found in the cannabis plant. One of the most important of these cannabinoids is CBD, or cannabidiol. CBD is non-toxic and non-psychoactive. Evidence has shown that CBD is an anti-oxidant, an anxiolytic, an anti-carcinogen, an anti-psychotic, an anti-spasmodic, and a reducer of seizures. That is a remarkable number of medicinal qualities for a substance that contains no serious known side effects. [1]

CBD has been widely publicized as a compound found in the cannabis plant, particularly Charlotte’s Web strain. However, it is also found in industrial hemp. Most CBD products sold online today are derived from the industrial hemp plants. Hemp products are universally legal within the United States, therefore the legalities of hemp-derived CBD are less problematic.

The CBD levels are often much higher in cannabis-based CBD; however, the THC level can also be higher, which creates a problem with the legality in most states. However wrongly or otherwise, the THC from cannabis is widely considered to be a dangerous substance in many states and nearly every country. Many growers are working on strains with maximum CBD and minimum THC, but this plant naturally contains at least some THC. In reality, CBD is most effective when processed from high CBD cannabis plants and also accompanied by various cannabinoids including THC. This is known as the entourage effect, which you can read about on CNN, on Wikipedia, and on PubMed. But in most states, it is not possible to obtain cannabis legally for now. [2,3]

The next best answer is to obtain hemp CBD products that have been processed in a way that does not compromise the purity and strength of the CBD.

How Can CBD Help You Medically?

A lot of scientific research has been done concerning the medical merits of CBD in fact, considerably more than the general public realizes. Here is a small sample of the kinds of studies being done on CBD:

The Legal Status of CBD

With CBD foods, vape oils, hemp oils, capsules, tinctures, lotions and even drinks being sold on eBay and other sites, you may wonder about the legal status of CBD. Apparently, it is pretty straight-forward, right? The reason is that these are CBD products made from hemp plants. However, cannabis-derived CBD (from marijuana) is a considerable gray area. Unless you are in a state that allows it or allows a prescription, it is best not to risk using such products until the laws are reformed in your area.

The legality of this issue may give you the impression that we should only extract CBD from hemp plants. From a pharmacological perspective, this would be inaccurate. CBD from cannabis buds is much more highly concentrated and easier to extract. It also contains a medley of other beneficial cannabinoids all of which contribute to the “entourage effect” mentioned above. To put it simply, CBD is most effective when accompanied by other cannabinoid compounds that naturally occur in the plant. This may help to explain why Charlotte’s Web strain of cannabis is so highly publicized. A little girl whose life was crippled by continuous seizures was able to live a more normal life because of this remarkable medicine. A full and well-rounded CBD source can do wonders for those who are very sick.

Unfortunately, most of us are unable to obtain high-CBD strains like Charlotte’s Web because cannabis is still illegal in most areas. On the encouraging side, medical cannabis has become more and more recognized and validated. For those of you who live in a state or country where medical cannabis is legal, it may be possible to get cannabis-derived CBD. It will remain problematic for most of us until the laws are changed.

This should also help you to understand why it is so important to obtain hemp-based CBD products of the highest quality. Only buy wholesome extracts, not isolates, and be sure to get the CBD oil with the highest concentration. This way you can realize most of the benefits of CBD legally.

CBD: Public Perception and Changing Times

Decades of propaganda have caused many people to have a negative cultural view of cannabis (or marihuana). This negative public opinion comes from some gross misrepresentations and oversimplifications about the plant. Many people still believe it is a dangerous narcotic that makes you lazy and lowers your IQ.

This is a gross caricature, and the true facts are much more nuanced. Cannabis itself is not dangerous. Excessive amounts of THC, however, can cause some temporary negative mental effects. Many modern strains contain enormous amounts of THC and only trace amounts of CBD, certainly because the growers wanted to maximize the high and make their crops more marketable. These strains are not always as medicinal as high-CBD strains and, incidentally, are not very typical of the cannabis plant in its wild form. These are mutated cannabis plants, bred to deliver the maximum psychoactive effect.

The high-CBD strains with lower THC, on the other hand, are NOT very psychoactive and can be quite therapeutic.

There are differences between what THC and CBD actually do to the mind. To explain simplistically: THC can disorient the brain, CBD centers it. THC can make you low-energy, CBD can make you calm and alert. THC makes you high, CBD makes you clear and sober, THC can cause anxiety, CBD takes away anxiety. This in no way implies that THC is not medicinal–it is. But if you want the medicinal effects of cannabis but aren’t interested in getting high or being mentally impaired: CBD is your answer. You can read some of the scientific research here and here.

This contrast between these two cannabinoids is a critical part of understanding the true potential of the cannabis plant. The general public, the medical community, and the media need to be educated on the whole picture of what this complex plant can actually do, depending on how it is cultivated. If someone tells you simply that cannabis is always bad or unhealthy, or if they tell you it is always good, chances are that those people do not really know all that there is to know about cannabis. The real truth is that Cannabis can be very beneficial, especially when it contains a lot of CBD. And if it isn’t smoked but simply ingested, there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that cannabis is bad for your health.

Fortunately, this ignorance is disappearing, and reefer madness propaganda is becoming a thing of the past. One day CBD will be as common as aspirin, thanks to the widely publicized healing miracles of children like Charlotte Figi. CBD has multi-purpose uses, including treatment of pain, spasticity, seizures, anxiety, cancer, and MS. One day it will be on everyone’s medicine shelf.

Understanding the Human Endocannabinoid System

In recent years, a major scientific breakthrough in our understanding of how cannabinoids affect human physiology is the discovery of the endocannabinoid system. This is a system of receptors placed throughout our brain, as well as the peripheral nervous system. The molecules of cannabinoid compounds bind to these receptors and contribute to how the human body regulates mood, the immune system, and general physiology. Some would argue that we need these cannabinoids in the same way that we need vitamins and minerals. Cannabinoids may help you maintain or even restore your health.

The Prohibition of Research on Cannabis

Since cannabis is currently a Schedule 1 substance in the U. S., this means the federal government regards it as dangerous and medically useless. This is absurd, and disregards all scientific research to the contrary. Politics and prejudice has gotten in the way for many decades. But the prejudice has done more than simply block scientific knowledge and personal freedom.

Many people’s lives could have been saved over the decades. Since cannabis is a Schedule 1 substance, it is extremely difficult for medical research to move forward. The DEA has ruthlessly exercised its power to prevent medical scientists from studying the medical benefits of cannabinoid compounds.

Think of the many thousands who have suffered and died from cancer. If you go to the National Cancer Institute website, you will read about how cannabis is recognized as a helpful treatment for cancer. The National Cancer Institute belongs to the United States government’s very own Department of Health. What an irony that the Drug Enforcement Agency is working to prevent research in this very area!

CBDHempSource.net: Who Are We?

CBDHempSource.net is a website that brings together the finest legal CBD products from the most reputable companies. All products on in our reviews in quality and purity and are lab-tested by a third party. Because of the legalities, we currently do not offer cannabis flower-based CBD products.

However, we offer reviews of the best hemp-based CBD products on the market today:

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Our goal is to bring quality, legitimate CBD products to the people who need them. Our highest hope is that you can heal yourself with this marvelous and natural medicine.


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Dr. Karl Jacobs is a psychiatrist with over 26 years of experience. Currently, Dr. Jacobs works as a contributor to CBDHempSource. Karl’s contribution to psychiatry is recognized and honored in the US. Thus, he is a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. In 1994, he obtained an unrestricted California medical license.